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8th Annual Mac Carkhuff Memorial Golf Classic Tournament Rules at Cragun's :

1.  The tournament is a Scramble Format:  Each person hits a tee shot on every hole;  the team then selects one tee shot, picks up worst shots and place next to best hit ball. All hit from this spot and continues play from that point.  This is repeated until the ball is holed out.

2.  Two tee shot requirement, each player must have at least two tee shots used.

3.  One minute time limit for lost balls.

4.  Never leave a fellow golfer behind;  golfers take care of their own.  Always be a team player.

The  Hole Events:

1.  Hole Longest Drive Women =

2.  Hole Closest to the pin Men =

3.  Hole  Longest Drive Men =

Longest Drive = 1st Shot has to originate from the tee box.  The ball must land on the fairway.

Closest to the pin = Closest to hole on the green on first shot.

Baseball Bat Hole = For a $ Donation, a player may hit 2 balls with a baseball bat from the tee.  Take the best shot of these hits with no need to count the stroke.  Tee up your next shot on the fairway and hit your scramble tee shot. (First stroke from here).

Hole in One Shot =  For a $5 Donation you can take a chance at winning half the pot if you get a hole in one!

4.  Top Score Prize =

5.  Tenth place = 

6.  Lowest Score = 


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Last modified: 07/05/11